Provisional 2011 Pennant Section Winners now Decided

Walter Hamilton, Sunday, 15 May 2011

Following the results of all Round 10 Pennant Matches and some delayed Round 7 Matches, the Finalists, subject to confirmation by the Match Committee, have now been decided and are as follows:

Grade 1 - Belrose, Harbord and North Sydney

Grade 3 - Belrose and Manly Vale

Grade 4 - North Manly, Belrose and Harbord

Grade 5 - Harbord (on shots margin from Seaforth) and Willoughby Park

Grade 6 - Belrose(on shots margin from Killara), Harbord, Seaforth and Artarmon

Grade 7 - Gordon, Belrose(2), Willoughby Park and North Sydney

All Side Managers or a Club Representative from the above Clubs are reminded to attend the meeting at Belrose at 9.00a.m.on the 18th May with their completed Pennant Result Sheet and Player Verification Sheet. The Player Verification Sheet should list the selected players names together with any reserves, and detail in which Grade they played in each Round of Sectional  Play in the 2011 Pennant Competition.  Each Side playing in the Finals must be approved by the Zone Match Committee at this meeting.

If you have any doubts about any of your selected players' eligibilty to play in the Finals, you should contact the Match Committee. Playing an ineligible player will lead to disqualification.