North Sydney wins Grade 2 Pennant

Tony Tinworth, Saturday, 21 May 2011
NORTH SYDNEY  - L-R John Karadonis (Res), Dennis Dunkley, Joe Ramos, Earle James (side Captain),Trevor Cole, Steve Coleman, Dave Sheeky, Wade Vidulich, Dennis Tutton, Ken Emura (Obs), Ian Walen, Mau Aisake, Mark Wallace, Mike Andersch  HARBORD - names to come
BELROSE  - L-R Ray Venteman (side Mgr), Paul Stracey, Trent Goffin, Mal Smart, Richard Wise, Graham Hartmann, Rocky Davis, Scott McKellan, Adam Taylor, Joe Saragozza, Peter Spray, Les Cavendar, Max Gray  MANLY VALE -J Hardman, J Pickering, P Wiggins, C Eng, N Mannerino, M Vince, G Lees, W Schweickle, A O'Brien,A Morton, M Beaumont, P Tavernesc - (not in order
WILLOUGHBY PARK  L-R Glen Thornton, Barry Gorman, Terry Allison, Nathan Boulton, Roger Womersley, Phil Cameron, Doug Harris, Steve Woods, Rob McLeod, Brendan Kilham, Nick Dowling, Gerard Sheed, Perry Yeung (res), Joe Campbell (President)  HARBORD  - Sam Puri, Any Thornley, Steve Nugent, Col Tetstall, John Frasisco, Richard Monin, Steve Holland, Rob Neary, Chris Bathgate, Dan Williams, Neil Thompson, Greg Fryer - not in order

North Sydney won the Grade 2 Pennant at Pittwater Memorial Bowling Club in the first round of the 2011 Pennant finals today.

In the other pennant finals decided this morning, Belrose won the Grade 3 'flag', defeating Manly Vale and Willoughby Park won the Grade 5 pennant by defeating Harbord.

It was North Sydney's morning because as well as winning the Grade 2 Pennant, they defeated Harbord in the semi-final of the Grade 1 competition, earning the right to play Belrose in the final tomorrow morning. Whilst North Sydney has always been compeditive, this is the first Pennant they have won since 2007 when they won the Grade 3 competition.

Belrose will play North Sydney on Sunday morning for the Grade 1 Pennant. They won this in 2009.

Today's win by Willoughby Park is their first Pennant win since 2006 when they won the Grade 7 flag,

In other games this afternoon, Artarmon 6's did well to defeat Belrose by 27 shots, Gordon 7's went down by 1 shot to North Sydney and Willoughby Park defeated Belrose 66-51