Belrose wins Grade 1 Pennant

Belrose - winners of the Grade 1 Pennant
L-R Michael Harvey, Matt Blackburn, Danny Meldrum, John Campton, Phil Westcott, Cy Threfall, Billy Johnson, Mike Smith, Crawford Linton, John Venteman, Nathan Wise, Steve Clark, Graham Hartmann (side Mgr.)
Tony Tinworth, Sunday, 22 May 2011

Belrose today won the Grade 1 Pennant by defeating North Sydney 67 shots to 62 in a nail biting finish.

The match see sawed throughout with the scores equal after the 59th end. The decider came in the 62nd end when Belrose, trailing by 2 shots, Cy Threfall removed the oppositions bowls to score 5 shots on that end. His team, the last to play, clinched the match with a 2 on the last end.

When presenting the flag, President Bob Moran congratulated both sides on a match worthy of a Grade 1 final. A large crowd of supporters were on hand to cheer their teams on. Belrose now progress to the State finals to be played in Ballina.

In other Pennant grades decided today, Harbord won the Grade 4 flag with 2 wins plus 41 shots, with Belrose runner-up, 1 win plus 6 shots. Artarmon won the Grade 6 Pennant with 3 wins plus 62 shots from Harbord, 2 wins plus 17 shots and in Grade 7, North Sydney had their second win for the weekend with 3 wins plus 33 shots from Willoughby Park, 1 win plus 10 shots.

See photos of all winners and runners up by clicking here

Overall, it was a good weekend for Belrose - 2 wins (1's & 3's) plus 1 r/up (4's) and North Sydney - 2 wins ( 2's & 7's) plus runner-up in 1's. Harbord has 1 win - 4's - and 3 runners-up ( 2's, 5's & 6's). It was great to see Artarmon and Willoughby Park amongst the winners.