Still in the dark

Tony Tinworth, Thursday, 1 December 2011

Clubs and bowlers are still in the dark as regards the impact on them of recent additional rules in the Bowls NSW proposed new constitution because Bowls NSW has not  updated the new regulations pertaining thereto. This leaves clubs with a difficult decision when they come to vote on whether to support the change of constitution at the Zone meeting on 12th December.

The latest draft constitution includes two new rules added as a result of the Zone meeting with representatives of the Association on 31st October. These rules, 5.8 & 5.9 provide for bowlers who decline to sign up for membership of the new company and for clubs with no separate legal status from that of their parent club. Both rules are subject to "such rights as set out in the regulations as amended from time to time" but until those rights are disclosed, what do the new rules mean? We do know that 'registered bowlers' will be still allowed to play in Association events for the present time but how long is the present time,  and 'sub clubs' will be 'recognised' but will they have full status and still entitled to vote in the ballot for directors?