Pennants Grade 1 Honour Roll

Tony Tinworth, Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The ultimate achievement for any bowler is to play Grade 1 Pennants for their Club.

In order to recognise those players, the website is pleased to recognise those bowlers who played for their Club in last Saturday's round 1 matches.

Mark Conroy, W Kachel, A McArthur & Steve Vanderveer
Steve Low, Ross Irwin, Peter Ward & D Hoye
G Horne, Bill Webb, Bill Miller & George Appleby

Mike Smith. John Venteman, Brad Franklin & Steve Rawlings
Michael Harvey, Steve Clark, John Campton & Nathan Wise
Matt Blackburn, Dave Shearer, Crawford Linton & Cy Threfall

Eric Millsteed, P Robinson, Scott Sheppard & Terry Warder
P Hall, Phil Crossingham, Zac Abro & Tony Taylor
Phil Carroll, D Packer, Steve Smith & Mark Alexander

Mona Vale
G Murray, T Jarratt, S Witte & Rod Hummelstad
W Fletcher, M Blackwood, S McLeod & A Glew
M Witte, R Manning, K Watson & D Taylor

North Sydney (1)
R Berry, C Lynch, Brendan Brown & Tim Whalan
Ken Emura, B Richards, Gerard Kebourian & Kenta Treacher
Vinco Beram, S Keating, Tom Nathan & Jamen Lewis

North Sydney (2)
M Wallace, Barry Williamson, L Whalan & Michael Andersch
T Cole, M Oric, Darryl Tutton & Joe Ramos
J Chapman, S Coleman, G Morris & W Vidulich

Bowls secretaries - if you send me a photograph of your Grade 1 side I will add it to the website