Pennants - round 10 results

Tony Tinworth, Saturday, 18 May 2013

Results of round 10 of the Pennant competition are now on the website.

There are clear Section winners in only 6 Grades/sections with the remainder relying on the playing of rained-out round 6 which is to be played next Saturday. The Match Committee will soon announce which of those games need not be played.

Those provisional winners are:  Grade 1                    Belrose
                                                  Grade 2, Section 1    Belrose
                                                                 Section 2    Harbord
                                                  Grade 4, Section 3    Asquith
                                                  Grade 6, Section 3    North Sydney
                                                  Grade 7, Section 1    Belrose (1)

In Grade 5, Section 1 Mona Vale has a round to play but can't be beaten. At worst they would have a draw but would still win on shots.

There were only 3 sides that completed all rounds undefeated - Belrose in Grade 1, Mona Vale in Grade 5 and Belrose (1) in Grade 7.
There were 6 sides that won all but one match - Belrose & Harbord (Grade 2 ), Asquith & Harbord (Grade 4), Chatswood & North Sydney (Grade 6)