Match Committee flexes Mid-week Triples eligibility

Tony Tinworth, Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Match Committee has relaxed and revised the rules for eligibility of players in the forthcoming Mid-week Triples competition.

It has been decided that a maximum of 4 players may play MWT in one grade below what otherwise would be their eligible Grade for any side.

Note. None of these 4 Players can Skip if playing in a Grade below their Eligible Grade.

1. up-to 4 Pennant grade 1 or 2 players (A Grade) can play B Grade, but can not Skip.
2. up-to 4 Pennant grade 3 or 4 players (B Grade) can play C Grade, but can not Skip.
3. up-to 4 Pennant grade 5 or 6 players (C Grade) can play D Grade, but can not Skip.
or a combination of the above. 

No player can play below one MWT Grade of their eligibility.
1. No Pennant grade 1 or 2 (A Grade) player can play C or D Grade.
2. No Pennant grade 3 or 4 (B Grade) player can play D Grade.
The Conditions of Play will be amended accordingly. These changes are designed to give clubs more flexability in their entering sides in the competition.