Manly wins D Grade Mid-week Triples

Tony Tinworth, Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Manly won the D Grade Mid-week Triples flag by defeating Asquith 74 shots to 40. This is the second year that this Grade has been added to the competition being for Grade 7 Pennant players and is a popular innovation. Asquith won it last year. Not so lucky this time round.

Playing for Manly were:
L Bailey, G Marley & C Kelly
N Vartoff, C Hawkins & M Guiffrida
T Woolley, C Milligan & G Ashby

Playing for Asquith were:
D Dunlop, D Thomas & P Hines
M Pitts, Graham Masrr & W Willis
P Connell, J Goodie & D Day