I Glover, Monday, 12 January 2015


The N.S.W. Trade and Investment Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing has imposed a $5,000 charge on all licensed clubs in order to cover the increase of attending disruption to the neighbourhood from unruly patrons leaving licensed premises after midnight.

Clubs have a 24 hour license to sell alcohol. If they are prepared to accept lesser trading hours, i.e. agreeing to a 12 p.m. closure, the $5,000 can be either dropped or lessened by obtaining a form from the following web site: trading hour restriction on a registered club AMO125C.pdf.

Questions, particularly as to when this takes effect or similar to the following, require clarification:

Are patrons required to vacate the premises by midnight or allowed a reasonable time to finish their drinks?     

If a club agrees to the limited licence, what's involved if a club wishes to revert back to a 24 hour licence at a date?                                             

Is there dispensation or a possibility of such for a club that remains open (past midnight) very infrequently, i.e. New Year's Eve in order to avoid this imposition?

It is most important that every club investigate the ramifications of this change. If any aspect is unclear, seek legal advice.  

The Zone appreciates Roseville B.C., which took this matter up with it's local member back in May, 2014, for keeping it informed on developments and government website references.