Mark Alexander, Sunday, 19 July 2015

I wish to thank those Clubs that hosted sectional play in this weekend's Zone 9 Pairs - Dee Why, Pittwater Memorial, Belrose, St Ives & North Manly - and in particular thank those Club officials who promptly forwarded the results soon after play finished each day.  This made my task of collating and recording the results and then posting them on the website so much easier.

On the other hand I make no apologies to those individuals who seem to take delight in criticising my efforts and those of the Zone Match Committee and complain that the results are not posted quickly enough for their liking.  Such criticism is unwarranted and quite frankly has become boring.

I strive to be as thorough and organised as possible and for the most part I have exceeded all expectations placed upon myself.  There has been the occasional error but I have learnt from these and put in place processes to eliminate their re-occurence.

I enjoy the challenge of my positions within the Zone and intend to do so for quite some time yet.