FROM BOWLS NSW - Circular 03/2016 - New Annual Fee Structure - Review of Fixed Fee Model

Mark Alexander, Tuesday, 1 March 2016

In September 2015 BNSW resolved that a new fee structure would be introduced from 2016/17 to replace the existing capitation model.  This new model would see a single 'fixed' annual fee for each Club to affiliate with BNSW for a 12 month period and would allow Clubs to register Bowling Members throughout the year at no additional membership cost.

Subsequent to this, and in response to widespread feedback from Clubs, the Board of BNSW conducted a review to ensure that the 'starting fee' calculation was fair and reasonable.

Details of the amended 'fixed' fee proposal will be sent to all Clubs and can also be viewed via the link below.

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 Circular 03/2016