2016 Zone 9 Senior Side
Mark Alexander, Wednesday, 18 May 2016

A heart-breaking draw with Zone 14 in our last sectional match this morning saw the Zone 9 Senior Side bow out of the State Seniors Interzone Sides Championship at Cabramatta BC.  The match was your typical roller-coaster ride with both sides trading shots, one edging ahead then the other clawing their way back until it came down to the last bowl of the last end.

In an extremely tough section all 4 Zones finished with a win, a draw and a loss meaning the final placings came down to points and Zone 14 just pipped us for top spot, 16 points to 15.  Incredibly both matches this morning, Z9 v Z14 and Z2 v Z15, ended up drawn, a credit to all the players involved.

The Zone 9 Side are to be complimented on their performance, sportsmanship and attitude on and off the green. We also had the misfortune to lose one of our players to illness the night before the event but our re-jigged sides performed terrific.

Many thanks to Zone Councillor Dennis Taylor who came out to support the side and to the group of hardy supporters from Harbord BC who drove all the way out yesterday to offer their support and encouragement.  All much appreciated.



Dave Shearer - Roger Manning - Tony Taylor - Crawford Linton     19-24, 15-29, 25-12

Vinco Beram - Peter Ward - John Boreham - Ral Lewis     23-21, 22-14, 12-25

Errol Millsteed - John Courtney - Graham Tetstall - Jim Dowd     20-14, 16-18, 16-16