Photograph:IAN GLOVER
I Glover, Monday, 22 August 2016


                                      CHAMPION  OF  CLUB  CHAMPIONS

                    CERTAINLY  HAD  IT'S  MOMENTS

THE initial rounds of this year's Champion of Champion pairs are unlikely to be regarded by some as memorable, however for the survivors of the first round chaos and then win their Sunday morning games despite nature's elements, the playing conditions in the afternoon's semi finals were surprisingly ideal. 

While the semi final scores may have been lop-sided it's quite possible that it had more to do with Harbord's tiffy green. While it's a magnificent surface, proficient bowlers who aren't accustomed to it's vagaries, become frustrated when their deliveries are consistent but not necessarily replicated at the other end.  

While many may not agree with this observation, it certainly suited both section winners, Norths' Gerry Kebourian and Kenta Treacher who play Pittwater's Mick Cleaver and Peter Robinson and for what its worth, both clubs have different varieties of tiff. 

The morning's swirling wind fluctuated between west to north west, and while it disappeared in the afternoon, it created sufficient problems for several zone representative players who were forced to take an early shower.  

In what can only be described as totally chaotic, it's understood that one club, although they had provided the winners names with their entry, had   an uncompleted major pair's final, scheduled to be played at 10 a.m. on the morning of the zone event.  

Their opponents who were at Harbord fully expecting the arrival of the nominated pair, eventually received a phone call to the effect that the game was still incomplete and were forfeiting, bringing to a total of four scratchings from the entire draw.

On the credit side, full marks to Asquith's Tony Macri for taking young Marcel on board, who more than held his own against the consistent Cleaves, and when Pittwater jumped out of the boxes in the early stages and set up up a 15-0 lead, it undoubtedly flattened the Asquith pair.

They actually picked up a five on the fifth, only to see their opponents put the foot down again and double their score to keep Asquith to eleven.  

The other semi was somewhat similar, in as much that after the initial end for end and feeling each other out, Norths' got the bit between the teeth and scooted away for six ends straight to lead 21-4.

It's worthy of mention here that St Ive's weren't playing bad bowls, in fact Phil Joel gave them every chance up front with his consistent draw bowling and there was nothing between either lead. It was the back end where the big damage occurred, as the consistent Kenta, with some difficulty managed to get over the very experienced Fred Alexander, who remained cool and collected throughout. The score wasn't a true indication of what was a great game with some excellent heads.       

St Ives must have breathed a little easier when they picked up a four, however Norths' got their minds back on the job and were unrelenting with the score at 26-12, when all concerned gave themselves an early mark.  

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