ZONE TRIPLES - Rounds 3 & 4

Mark Alexander, Sunday, 29 January 2017

Following the completion of today's play the Finalists in the 2017 Zone Triples Championships - State, Senior & Reserve - have been determined.

All Finals will be held at 10am at Harbord BC next Saturday, 4th February.


State Triples

M Blackwood, A Moody & R Hummelstad (M/Vale)  v  C Linton, M Blackburn & S Rawlings (Bel)


Senior Triples

B Tyte, R Green & R Stevens (Harbord)    v    H Sato, C Tetstall & D Rust (Harbord)


Reserve Triples

J Treadwell, H Bowen & G Stewart (Belrose)  v  W Bridge, P Slade & F Spanyik (North Sydney)