I Glover, Wednesday, 9 August 2017

 . . . and would appear to be the general consensus for those fortunate enough to have been and experienced a State Pennant play off.

The majority also accept the reality that in the big picture Zone 9 are regarded as minnows in the sport, so how good was it when Mona Vale, a club with 60 active bowlers came home with the State Grade 2 Pennant flag.

For those who think outside the square it also emphasises the futility of local bowlers, who believe it's beneath their dignity and put on a song and dance when selected in a grade lower than the one they believe they should be in.  Both Forestville's John Anstiss and Asquith's Wal Hamilton refer to this in their respective reports.  


NORTH SYDNEY Grade 1:  (As told by Grade 1 to Liam Collins)

St Johns Park was the venue for this year’s Grade 1 State Championship, the greens were well prepared considering the conditions experienced across the metro area during the season.

The first day’s match against Dubbo was played in blustery conditions on a quick deck. Norths adapted to the conditions the quickest - with two teams jumping out to comfortable leads whilst our third rink never let a strong opposition run away from them, limiting the damage on the big board.

Saturday morning was played on a slower green against a strong Northmead side. Again, we took the early initiative, establishing and maintaining solid margins on two rinks; with those teams prevailing and a narrow loss for the third.

Saturday afternoon saw Norths facing eventual winners Cabramatta on a quick deck, with Cabra’s guns firing early, getting out to good leads and maintaining consistent pressure to outplay us across the green, with only one of our rinks able to mount any sort of challenge.

Despite Norths’ relative inexperience at State level in recent years, the group showed the benefits of having played together across many seasons and we look forward to carrying the lessons learnt from this event into next year’s performances.

Our thanks to St Johns Park for their hospitality, as well as our numerous supporters for their welcome presence at each match.


MONA VALE Grade 2:   (See story on home page)


PITTWATER MEMORIAL Grade 3:   (Report by Club President, Chris Ward)

Pittwater Grade 3 represented Zone 9 at Club Maitland.
The Playing group which comprised of players, coach, manager and about a dozen hardy supporters, were aware that their first game against Kempsey was a must win and the 50 klm per hour winds made for challenging conditions.
After the game settled down, Pittwater took a small lead 35 - 28, then Kempsey caught up, but with about 10 ends to go Pittwater surged ahead and again Kempsey fought back.
Alby Homers rink was behind, both Peter Robinsons rink and Scott Sheppards were in control and held slender leads. Kempsey then won three ends across the rinks and suddenly Pittwater were 5 shots behind with Scott Sheppards rink left to repair the damage on the last end.
As Pittwater didn't hold 5 shots Scott killed the end and on the replay Pittwater held 5 shots but had no covering behind the jack. Scott trailed the jack for 3 which unfortunately wasn't enough.
Pittwater lost by 2 shots in a very close game, meanwhile Scone and Taree Leagues played a draw so Pittwater were still in it.
Pittwater's second game against Scone was a similar game and were in front with Scone catching them.
With the scores tied on the big board it was again left to Scott's rink to convert for a win. Scone held one shot, but on the last end both Scott and his third, Chris Ward both narrowly missed the trail for a win.
The third game was against Taree and was played with passion, as neither team wanted to come last and both doing the best they could with
Pittwater eventually coming away to win by 6 shots.
The atmosphere at Club Maitland was vibrant all weekend and thanks to Club Maitland for a truly unforgettable experience.
Pittwater were so close, winning 2 rinks in each of the 3 games, losing the first game by two shots, second game by one and then rounding the round robin off with a 6 shot win.
Kempsey went on to play in the final and lost to Taren Point.
There was nothing between any of the teams and Pittwater's competitive approach to the game augurs well for 2018.


WEST PYMBLE Grade 4: (Report by skip, Peter Dawson)

Well, this has only happened to West Pymble once in 57 years (in the history of the club). What a fantastic Pennant season having won the Grade 4 Zone Flag and being able to play in the State Playoffs at Forster.

We lost the first game against Nyngan by a fair margin which really put us on the back foot but we rallied against Terrigal the next day going down with 2 rink wins to lose by 3 and then being defeated by Dapto Citizens by 2 in the afternoon.

However, the real drama played out in the afternoon game against Dapto. It all came down to Arthur Foy’s rink to either draw or win for Nyngan to go through to the semi’s. The second last end Arthur was behind by 2 and 1 down at the head. Playing his last bowl he took out Dapto’s shot bowl, trailed the jack slightly to pick up 4, giving them a 2 shot lead going into the last end.

The last end was a cracker and almost in the dark with our lead drawing a good shot followed by Arthur drawing an even closer bowl. The Dapto skip had the chance to play through our bowls to get the shots required but was just short of the mark. Nyngan got up by 1 point and as they say the rest is history with them beating St Johns Park in the final.

The Nyngan boys were so happy with our effort in the round robin they gave us $50 to shout our team drinks that night.

A big thank you to Forster Bowling Club for the outstanding hospitality and organisation of the weekend event and to Jason, the Bowls Co-ordinator who did a fantastic job.

Finally a shout out to West Pymble’s Grade 4 Pennant Team - great team work all season and a terrific result. Well done boys you all should be very proud.

(West Pymble's photos below)


ASQUITH Grade 5:   (Report by Club President, Wal Hamilton)

I only attended from Friday and Saturday afternoons and played at Soldiers Point.
As far as Asquith was concerned, they were outplayed by the other sides in their Section and were very disappointed with their overall performance. Gusty wind made playing conditions difficult, but the other three sides coped better than Asquith. Beresfield were far superior to all other sides in that Section, winning their three matches comfortably and not surprisingly made the final. They had 3 solid teams who all combined well  and played good consistent bowls.

I did not see the semi-finals, but I was surprised to read Bargo had come out on top in the Final.

Once again city teams seem unable to win the lower Grade Pennants. Their sides contain players who would certainly rate higher than No.5 in Zone 9.


FORESTVILLE Grade 6:   (Report by Club President, John Anstiss)

Disappointment is the word for most of the boys, BUT I think the experience gained by all of our younger players against some of the best pennant players in the State will remain forever in their minds.
Truly, the competitive spirit and sportsmanship attitude of each and every team that we played was beyond our belief and expectations.                                   
Everyone tried their best and the club is very proud. We had the "Supporter Group of the Carnival" and every person enjoyed the atmosphere. Thanks must go to South Tamworth BC & Staff for the wonderful support they gave us.



Played at the Taren Point BC and highly commended by all concerned for their superb club premises and greens. The NBN side played their initial game on the green which compared to the others is on an obscure angle and would appear on the day to be more prone to the prevailing wind gusts. They sustained three round robin losses, two of which were very marginal. According to one observer the physical demands on several players may have taken their toll in their third game which may have contributed to their 27 point loss. However, according to the overall high standard of bowls displayed throughout the series they acquitted themselves admirably.

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