Mark Alexander, Wednesday, 29 January 2020

With the likelihood of extreme weather conditions over this coming weekend, host Clubs and bowlers involved in the Zone 9 Triples are urged to be familiar with the relevant BA and BNSW Policies (refer link below).

The ultimate responsibility as to whether play is commenced, suspended or resumed lies with the Controlling Body at each of the four host Clubs - Asquith, Belrose, Harbord & St Ives.

None of the policies refer to a specific temperature at which play is suspended.  There are guidelines and there is common sense.  It is also worth noting that it is not just heat we are referring to, but often the combination of heat and humidity.

It is also wise to consider other safety options - eg. hats, use of sun-screen, maximising use of shade, regular and plentiful hydration, minimising the consumption of alcohol.


All bowlers are asked to be considerate of the responsibilities of the Controlling Body and to not intimidate or coerce them into making or changing decisions that could then impact on others.

Matches can be resumed on another date; health and safety is paramount!!

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