Allan Buckley remembered

Allan Buckley
Fred Leane , Sunday, 17 December 2006

The Late Allan Buckley who died on 14th November last, aged 93, will be remembered when the annual Allan Buckley Shield, played between teams from Zone 9 and Zone 10, will be held on Sunday 4th February, the first Zone event in the 2007 calendar.

The origins of this Shield go back to 1996 when the metropolitan Zones were reorganised and the then Zone 9 was split into Zones 9 and 10. At that time, Allan was the Zone Councillor, after having been Foundation Zone President when the Zone was originally formed in 1982, a position he held for 10 years. Originally the competition was between teams from 4 Districts, 2 in Zone 9, 2 in Zone 10. The format has changed over the years, in particular with the dissolution of Districts, and, for the first time in 2007, the competition will comprise 12 teams from each Zone, 4 "A's", 4 "B's" and 4 Seniors. The winner of the Shield is determined by the aggregate shots scored by all teams. Last year the Shield was convincingly won by Zone 10, 220 shots -81/2 rinks - to 175 shots - 11/2 rinks.

The game will be played at Denistone Bowling Club where Allan was a most distinguished member. He joined in 1967 and was an active member until his passing. He was President of that Club 1973-1975 and served as Director, Committeeman and Selector continuously during his 39 years membership. He was a State Councillor for 8 years and a member of the State Match Committee from 1994 to 1998. He will be long remembered by members of Denistone Bowling Club and by his many bowling friends and admirers.

Teams selected are as follows - these may be subject to last minute changes due to unavailability--

S Smith (Harbord), W Miller (Asquith), R Hummelstad (Harbord) & S Vanderveer (Harbord)

J Campton (Asquith), M Turner (Harbord), P Somers (Dee Why) & S Thompson (Harbord)

T Warder (Harbord), G Warren (Harbord), S Rawlings (Harbord) & S Ashdown (Harbord)

J Saragozza (Belrose), M Alexander (Harbord), J Pollard (Harbord) & N Lemmey (Asquith)

P Morron (Dee Why), D Meldrum (Harbord), D Packer (Harbord) & D Shearer (Harbord)

M Conroy (Asquith), B Ingram (Belrose), M Smith (Belrose) & G Hartmann (Belrose)

R Stutchbury (Avalon), M Delia (Nth. Manly), R Noble (Neutral Bay) & P Thompson (Manly)

B Franklin (Lane Cove West), S Morris (Dee Why), D Martin (Neutral Bay) & G Kebourian (Nth. Sydney)

G Vade (Nth. Manly), T Smith (Nth. Manly), P Rawlings (Nth. Manly) & Reg Robinson (Nth.Manly)

T Kelly (Hornsby), P Lovell (Warrawee), W Hamilton (Asquith) & D Tutton (Nth. Sydney)

P Carroll (Harbord), A Cervera (Harbord), J Henderson ( Harbord) & Ray Robinson (Harbord)

A Smith (Lindfield), J Ramos (Nth. Sydney), P Mitchell (Belrose) & J Boreham (Dee Why)