Asquith wins Grade 1 Pennant.

Presentation of the Grade 1 Pennant - L-R Brian Sargeson, VP Pittwater Memorial BC, John Younghusband, VP RNSWBA & Don Wall, President Asquith BC.
Tony Tinworth, Saturday, 2 June 2007

The finals of the 2007 Pennant Competition were played today in brilliant sunshine.

Asquith scored a convincing win over Manly, winning by 68 to 33 shots and winning all 3 rinks. Asquith lead from the start in the match played at Pittwater RSL Bowling Club. Winning the No 1 Pennant was nothing new for Asquith as they won it in 2004 and again in 2005, but they gave a loan of the title to Belrose who won in 2006.

The presentation of the flag was made by Vice-President of the RNSWBA, John Younghusband who congratulated both teams and noted that the Manly side had done extremely well, having progressed to the No 1 Grade only last year and from No 3 Grade only 3 years ago.

Team players were as follows:

Asquith            M Conroy, D Tester, A McArthur & P Ward

                        B Sinnott, W Hamilton, L Meere & W Webb

                        T Chen, D Morris, J Campton & N Lemmey

Manly               M Cleavon, C Robertson, A Moss & J Shaw

                        D Cassam, J Boyd, I Glover & S Sheppard

                        C Bailey, G Lewis, G Low & P Thompson

Asquith - Winners of the Grade 1 Pennant

Manly - Runners-up of the Grade 1 Pennant