Two wins to Zone 9 in Inter-Zone Round Robin

Tony Tinworth, Saturday, 10 November 2007

The teams playing in todays Inter-Zone Round Robin against Zones 2,4 & 16 had one big win and one narrow win to end the day 2 wins plus 92 shots  and in a commanding position going into tomorrows final match against Zone 2.

In the first round match against Zone 16, we won by 1 shot, 114 - 113 with 3 rink wins each. In the afternoon game against Zone 4 our teams had a runaway result, winning 184 to 93 shots and 5 rinks to 1.

In the other 2 matches, Zones 2 & 16 each had one win. The standings at the end of Round 2 are:

Zone 9        2 wins plus 92

Zone 2        1 win plus 18

Zone 16      1 win plus 15

Zone 4         0 wins minus 125

The players representing the Zone were:

K Emura (North Sydney) ,D Meldrum (Harbord), W Miller (Asquith) & R Hummelstad (Harbord)

J Campton (Asquith), M Alexander (Harbord), P Somers (Dee Why) & S Thompson (Harbord)

R Lawson (Harbord), A Taylor (North Sydney) N Lemmey (Asquith) & S Ashdown (Harbord)

P Morron (Dee Why), B Franklin (North Sydney), C Linton (Harbord) & C Threlfall (Harbord)

R Noble (Neutral Bay), M Smith (Belrose), G Hartmann (Belrose) & J Venteman (Belrose)

S Smith (Harbord), D Shearer (Harbord), S Sheppard (Manly) & J Pollard (Harbord)