Zone 9 plays Zone 13 on 31st August

Tony Tinworth, Friday, 15 August 2008

The annual Interzone match with Zone 13 (St. George/Illawarra) will be played on Sunday 31st August at Birrong Bowling Club.

Our representation will be 4 'A' sides and 4 'B' sides:  this year there will be no Seniors side.

There will be a number of new faces representing Zone 9.  Players selected are:

'A' Side

D Meldrum (Harbord), D Shearer (Harbord), P Somers (Dee Why) & S Ashdown (Harbord)

S Sheppard (Harbord), B Franklin (Harbord), S Smith (Harbord) & C Threfall (Harbord)

J Campton (Harbord), G Warren (Dee Why), J Pollard (Dee Why) & S Rawlings (Harbord)

L Trethowan (Asquith), M Alexander (Harbord) , R Hummelstad (Mona Vale) & S Vanderveer (Asquith)

'B' Side

P Morron (Dee Why), M Smith (Belrose), G Hartmann (Belrose) & J Venteman (Belrose)

H Lister (Harbord), D Martin (Neutral Bay), R Lawson (Harbord) & A Taylor (Harbord)

J Lewis (Nth. Sydney), A Nicholson (Dee Why), J Shaw (Manly) & G Low (Manly)



B Sinnot (Asquith), M Conroy (Asquith) S Robin (Belrose) & G Kebourian (Nth. Sydney)