Allan Buckley Shield to be held 26th October

Tony Tinworth, Friday, 26 September 2008
The Allan Buckley Shield between Zones 9 & 10 is played each February but this year's match was rained out. The match has now been rescheduled and will be played on Sunday 26th October at Belrose Bowling Club commencing at 9.30am.

Last year Zone 9 won the Shield by 7 shots - the first win for many years! Let's hope they can repeat the win this year.

The competition is between 12 sides - 4 "A", sides, 4 "B" sides and 4 Seniors sides.

Players selected to play on this occasion are:

A Side

S Sheppard (Harbord), B Franklin (Harbord), J Venteman (Belrose) & C Threfall (Harbord)

D Meldrum (Harbord), D Shearer (Harbord), P Somers (Dee Why) & S Ashdown (Harbord)

J Campton (Harbord), R Lawson (Harbord), R Hummelstad (Mona Vale) & S Rawlings (Harbord)

S Smith (Harbord), M Alexander (Harbord), L Trethowan (Asquith) & J Pollard (Harbord)

B Side

M Conroy (Asquith), G Low (Manly), L Meere (Asquith) & G Warren (Dee Why)

J Lewis (Nth. Sydney), P Crossingham (Harbord), M Smith (Belrose) & A Taylor (Harbord)

A Glew (Mona Vale), J Shaw (Manly), G Kebourian (Nth. Sydney) & P Westcott (Nth. Sydney)

P Morron (Dee Why), D Martin (Neutral Bay), S Robin (Belrose) & G Hartmann (Belrose)

Seniors Side

G Lewis (Manly), P Rawlings (Nth. Manly), K Watson (Mona Vale) & Reg Robinson (Nth. Manly)

P Carroll (Harbord), B Williamson (Nth. Sydney), B Smith (Pittwater Mem.) & W Webb (Asquith)

B Stelling (Dee Why), A Smith (Lindfield), P Mitchell (Belrose) & J Boreham (Dee Why)

G Boyd (Manly), K Waite (Dee Why) , J Henderson (Harbord) & P Ward (Asquith)