No success in Inter-zone Challenge

Tony Tinworth, Sunday, 2 November 2008

There was a disappointing end to the Zones 2,4.9 & 16 Interzone Challenge as Zone 9 lost it's final match against Zone 2 by 16 shots.

Cy Threfall's team and Steve Ashdown's team each had wins, and J Venteman's team had a draw.

There were quite a number of changes to the sides previously announced as a number of players were unavailable.


Players who finally represented the Zone were:

D Martin (Neutral Bay), W Webb (Asquith), J Campton (Harbord) & Cy Threfall (Harbord)

A Glew ( Mona Vale), J Saragozza (Belrose), S Sheppard (Harbord) & S Ashdown (Harbord)

D Cooke (Belrose), A Townsend , D Shearer (Harbord) & P Somers (Dee Why)

G Shaw, B Williamson (North Sydney) L Meere (Asquith) & P Westcott (North Sydney)

P Crossingham (Harbord), G Low (Manly), M Smith, & A Taylor (Harbord)

P Carroll (Harbord), R Lawson (Harbord), D Meldrum (Harbord) & J Venteman (Belrose).

Crawford Linton played in one match as a reserve.