Update on unification

Tony Tinworth, Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Alan Rosenberg, Snr. VP of the 'Royal', and a member of the unification committee, gave an update on progress on the proposed unification of the men's and women's State Associations to club delegates attending the 11th May meeting of the Zone management committee.


He said that progress was being made, albeit slowly because of the need to get the detail right. The committee has been able to have the benefit of the experience of other State bodies which have finalised their unification process so as to avoid problems that they have encountered as a result.


He outlined the benefits of unification;

● to redress the decline in the number of bowling clubs in NSW, and the number of bowlers, in particular women bowlers


  to more effectively administer and promote the sport of lawn bowls and to present a unified approach to Government bodies


● finance. Savings in running costs through one administration and one magazine and being eligible for increased funding from government.


Alan envisaged the alteration of the women's Groups and Districts to bring them into line with the men's 16 Zones, at the same time presenting the opportunity to revise and possibly redraw existing boundaries. There is a likely restructure of the State board and Council.


Changes will impact on State and Zones only; there will be little impact at Club level.