Second round results for Taylors Super Challenge

Tony Tinworth, Friday, 26 March 2010

The second round of the Taylor Bowls NSW Super Challenge was played on Wednesday last and the results were:

At North Sydney - Northmead 9 def Double Bay 2, North Sydney 10 def Bondi 1
At Belrose          - Asquith 10 def Harbord 1, Belrose 9 def Dee Why 2

The Progressive scores are: Section 1 - North Sydney 19, Double Bay 12, Northmead 11 & Bondi 2
                                          Section 2 - Belrose 18, Asquith 12, Harbord 10 & Dee Why 4

Phil Westcott reports that the competition is still very open with one round still to play on Wednesday 31st March. Section winners will play off for the money on Wednesday 7th April as will the runners-up but they will only be playing for cases of the other sponsor's - John Boston's - beer.

Playing for Zone 9 clubs in the competition are most of those clubs prominent bowlers. They are

For North Sydney - Jamen Lewis (Singles), Tim Whalan & Evan Thomas, Tony Taylor & Brad Franklin (Pairs), Kenta Treacher, Steve Coleman & Ken Emura (Triples), Gerrard Kebourian, Wade Vidulich, Steve Keating & Brendon Brown (Fours)

For Belrose - Crawford Linton (Singles), Phil Westcott & Richard Wise, Danny Meldrum & Paul Stracey (Pairs), Mike Smith, Joe Sarragozza & Mike Smith (?) (Triples), John Venteman, Max Gray, Rocky Davis & Graham Hartman (Fours)

For Asquith - John Campton (Singles), Baba McArthur & Mike Conroy, Lee Trethowan & Steve Lowe (Pairs), George Appleby, Bill Wares & Ross Irwin (Triples), Dennis Hoye, Peter Ward, Kevin Raby & Vic Baiker (Fours)

For Dee Why- Peter Lynn (Singles), Paul Sommers & Kirt Rathbourne, Andy Townsend & Brad Langalaar (Pairs), Dave Duffy, R Rathbourne & S Garrick (Triples) Adam Garrick, A Nicholson, S Szabo & Adam Williams (Fours)

|For Harbord - Michael Cleaver (Singles), Terry Warder & Jeff Shaw, Michael Harvey & Michael Breunis (Pairs) Graham Tetstall, Barry Williamson, Andy Dessaix (Triples), Scotty Sheppard, Phil Baker, Rob Hurst & Peter Robinson (Fours)