Side announced for Nelson Bay

Tony Tinworth, Thursday, 1 July 2010

The result of the Zones 2,4,9 & 16 Interzone Shield was a win by Zone 2 with Zone 16 second and Zone 9 third. We had three very close matches and with an ounce of luck could have won the competition. Results were as follows:

Match vs Zone 16    Won by 2 shots
           vs Zone 2      Loss by 1 shot
           vs Zone 4      Draw. Went down to the very last bowl with a drive missing the target by a very narrow margin

Zone 2 won over Zone 16 - both with 4 points- on margin.

Those playing for Zone 9 were:

P Morron (Dee Why), Steve Smith (Harbord), Phil Somers (Dee Why) & Glen Warren (Dee Why)
B Langelaar (Dee Why), Rod Hummelstad (Mona Vale), Steve Clark (Belrose) & John Campton (Asquith)
M Conroy (Asquith), George Appleby (Asquith), Brad Franklin (Nth. Sydney ) & Lee Trethowan (Asquith)
Kenta Treacher (Nth. Sydney), Tom Nathan (Nth. Sydney) T Whalan (Nth. Sydney) & Phil Westcott (Belrose)
J Shaw (Harbord), P Lynn (Dee Why), Steve Sheppard (Harbord) & Michael Harvey (Harbord)
Gerard Kebourian (Nth. Sydney), John Venteman (Belrose), Tony Taylor (Nth. Sydney) & Crawford Linton (Belrose)

Reserves are A McArthur (Asquith) and K Rathborne (Dee Why)

Zone President Bob Moran will be side leader.

A lot of new faces from last year.