Scott Sheppard wins State Singles

Scott Sheppard, Winner 2010 State Singles

John Campton, Runner-up 2010 State Singles
Tony Tinworth, Sunday, 11 July 2010

Scott Sheppard (Harbord) won the 2010 State Singles Championship in a top game of bowls, worthy of the important event it was, by deteating Asquith's John Campton 31 shots to 23.

John got away to a good start and was leading 7-2 when Scott got into stride, winning the next 14 consequtive ends to take the game 28-7. It was a case of  "whatever you do, I can do better', never being fazed at being 2 or 3 shots down to put in a magnificent bowl to claim the end. It must have been demoraising for John who also played some great shots. But just when it appeared the match was all over, John won the next 8 ends to take the score to 28-20. He played some great drives and on shots, all but one of which gave the intended result. Scott came back to win 1 shot, to have John win a 3 on the second last end. Scott finished the game to score a 2 with the jack in the ditch. Zone President Bob Moran was marker for the game.

Scott won the 2007 Champion of Club Champions Singles in 2007 whilst playing for Manly, and was lead in the team that were runners-up in the 2009 State Pairs, beaten by John Campton & Lee Trethowan so today he turned the tables. John's name appears many times in the Zone's honour roll, but he has never won this event.