Mark Alexander, Friday, 5 June 2020


The revised Zone 9 program of events for the period July-December 2020 can be accessed via the link below.  This program remains subject to change depending upon the success or otherwise of the various strategies in the roadmaps to recovery issued by the State Government, through the Health Department, and BNSW.

We remain hopeful that Clubs can begin their Singles and Pairs Championships from July onwards but this has not been 100% confirmed.


Notes about the revised Program

  • the 2020 Mid-Week Challenge has been CANCELLED by the Zone 9 Executive
  • closing dates for the Zone Singles & Pairs and for the Zone CoCC Singles & Pairs are clearly marked
  • entry forms will be sent out a few weeks prior to the closing date for each event
  • we have allocated at least one spare day for each of the Zone Championships to take into account bad weather, number of entries etc.
  • the Roseville Shield has been moved from Saturday 10th October to Saturday 28th November; this will be confirmed



Thanks all and enjoy your long weekend!!


Mark Alexander (Zone 9 Secretary)

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