Mark Alexander, Monday, 24 August 2020


In significant news, BNSW has released details for the 2021 Bowls Season with a draft Calendar and COP (refer links below).

Circular 19/2020 (see link) provides a summary of the major changes.


Contrary to an earlier draft program which was very prescriptive in dates for Pennants and Zone Championships, the new draft program allows Zones to allocate their own dates for these events.


Perhaps the most significant change to the COP, other than those related to Pennant Gradings, is that all Singles matches will now be played to 21 shots up.  This opens up a range of possibilities including Club and Zone Singles being played in sections rather than knock-out, an arrangement that can eliminate the need for host Clubs to provide markers.

Another significant change is that all Seniors Pairs and Fours matches will be played over 18 ends.


There is scope for Clubs and individuals to offer feedback to BNSW about the draft calendar and draft COP.


It will take some time for the Zone 9 Executive and Match Committee to work through preparing our Zone program for 2021, so BE PATIENT!!!


Mark Alexander (Zone 9 Secretary)


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